Men’s Brains vs. Women’s Brain

As this picture shows, the men’s brain when reading is really only active on the left hemisphere of the brain, while the female brain when reading is active on both sides of the brain.  What does this mean for men and women’s interactions?  It means that males tend to be really good systematizer.  Men usually prefer order and have control over a situation, so they tend to be better at math, physics, and engineering because those usually have order. (Edmonds) In any of the above subjects, you can change variable A and Variable C will be affected in such a way.  There is a system, something you can control.  This can be a good thing because it allows men to focus and catch the details as well as have very good reasoning skills, but it can be a bad thing because men can want to dominate over something and control every single aspect.  Women using both sides of their brains however allows them to be empathizers, but it also grants another aspect, women tend to solve problems that may emerge in any of the above scientific fields more creatively, but they may have more trouble seeing the basic common sense problems that may emerge.  (Edmonds) Women may also have a danger of getting caught up in their work and their emotions, feeling trapped and unable to control a situation.

Edmonds, Molly. "Discovery Health "Male and Female Brain Structure"" Discovery Health "Health Guides" Discovery Health, 2011. Web. 20 April 2011. <>.
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